Wedding Design

Short Excerpt

Case Study: Wedding Design
The client came to IFBDesign and needed a invitational postcard that could be mailed to invite people to their wedding. And they wanted a unique wedding program. They had already taken some pre-wedding photography for us to work with. And the bride had selected her wedding colors. which were a light and bright blue hue and a salmon color. They really wanted something that was original and reflected their style.

Our Design
Our solution was a very unique and trendy wedding design on a 5×7 Postcard that could be mailed. We implemented their photography and colors with some awesome fonts and design elements. We decided on a 4×9 Rack Card as great way to display the wedding program that was also a unique piece of card stock that people would want to keep as a keepsake.

The Result
The client was very satisfied with these pieces and many of the guest were impressed with the designs. The design and printed product was a high quality piece that they will keep for a very long time to come.

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