Trucking Website

Case Study: Trucking Website
CWS contacted IFBDesign with a problem. They needed an application process that truckers on the road could access while mobile in order to apply to work for CWS hauling freight.

After some initial research, we discovered that their current website was not mobile friendly and very much in need of an upgrade. In order to get the best online form system that was also mobile friendly we determined it would be best to redesign their website for WordPress and create a custom form system to meet their needs.

The Work
We began this project by designing the website in Photoshop. That way we could achieve the look and feel that CWS wanted in their new website. And then we laid out all of the details of how their form system would work to get them exactly what they were needing. Their new trucking website was then ready to be coded into a custom WordPress Theme. We coded and launched the website.

The Result
The client was satisfied with their new website. It was clean, modern, and mobile friendly. And it helped streamline their application process. And now they receive lots of new applicants everyday! 

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