Real Estate Branding

Short Excerpt

Short Excerpt

Case Study: Real Estate Branding
The client had begun an upstart real estate investment company that needed both a name and a brand package.

Our Work
We went through a naming process that began with defining their brand. We discovered that they wanted to rent to their customers, homes that feel like home. To deliver an experience that is both personal and professional. And for their investors they wanted to create the best and most secure investment experience that balanced looking out for the investors by taking care of their investments the renters. And so we built out their Mission Statement, Vision, and Goals, and then began to come up with names that would match those goals.

The Design
We settled on the name Craig & Molly. We wanted to do something that no one else in the industry is doing and that was to be as personable as possible. And after much discussion determined that “Real Estate on a First Name Basis” was the way to go. From there we built out a logo using fonts and colors to match the concept and then the complete branding package. We are excited about where this could go for Craig & Molly.

The Result
The client loved the name and the marketing concept behind the name, the brand and the logo. They were very excited to begin promoting their new upstart.

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