Church Re-Branding Project

We also worked on various brand pieces based on the new brand including helping them to assemble a plan for guest services and conversion. 

This branding project was also part of a series of projects involving the renewing and redesign of their church auditorium for broadcast television.

Case Study: Church Rebranding
As North Love Baptist Church approached its 50th Anniversary it became apparent that they needed a new brand. Combined with several projects this new brand and push was needed to help propel the church into a new direction for the next 50 years. IFBDesign was hired to set the tone and create this new brand. 

We began by evaluating the church and its makeup. We came to the conclusion that North Love Baptist Church was a church made up of real people and that they had a church that was authentic to the Bible. 

The Work
We created the brand elevator statement of “Real People, Authentic Church” And we worked to help them create a Mission and a Vision statement. We then tied the new brand into their project to refresh the auditorium to get it ready for tv. We created their logo that was then applied to many brand pieces including their guest services.

The Result
Part of the 50 Years Celebration was a project to renovate the church auditorium as well as build a new building eventually. We also used the new brand as well as an icon to represent the 50 years and moving forward to create several pieces for the church.

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