Invitational Card for First Baptist Church of Spring Valley

Case Study: Invitational Card for First Baptist Church of Spring Valley
Pastor Joemel contacted IFBDesign way back in 2012 with a desire to reach his community more effectively with a piece of quality design work. The main items he wanted to communicate was the contact information for the church and the gospel message, but he wanted this on a small easy to carry invite card. The card needed to feel valuable, and he felt some quality design work would help with that.

At IFBDesign we understood the importance of quality design. But design is more than just a pretty picture it is purposeful. We wanted to create something that would clearly communicate the welcoming message of First Baptist Church of Spring Valley. As well as efficiently help people contact and find the church and give the community the gospel in a compact and quality piece.

The Work
We determined that a 3×5 card using card stock paper to communicate a sense of value and substance would accomplish just that. The biggest issue is that at those smaller sizes it becomes difficult to maintain legibility of the text with so much information.We helped Pastor Joemel determine to just have several scriptures on the back. We created a consistent branded feel across the card to help people begin to identify First Baptist Church of Spring Valley as a part of the community. And we created a very clear way to find and contact the church. We then helped Pastor Joemel find quality and budget friendly printing.

The Result
The results was a beautiful glossy card stock 3×5 invite card. Pastor Joemel was so happy that later down the road when he added a Spanish ministry to his church we added that info to a new version of the card as well as a spanish version of the card. We were also able to help him with a bulletin.Our opportunity to work with Pastor Joemel and the good people at First Baptist Church of Spring Valley was mutually satisfying. We look forward to future projects with them.

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