Driving School Website with Registration

Mobile Friendly
We design all of our websites with mobile friendliness in mind.

Targeted Audience
We created this site with the target audience of young people using the online registration system to register for a class.

Case Study: Driving School Website
The client approached us with a desire to revamp their website. They were already a well established brand in the community, but they needed a website that kept up with the times. Their target audience was parents with teens who needed to take driving lessons for their drivers test. Mobile friendliness was a must, but they also needed to be able to take registrations online.

We determined to use WordPress so we could more easily configure the perfect online registration system. But also to really capture the style and design of the company we determined the best route was to design the website in Photoshop and then Code it into a custom theme for WordPress.

The Work
We designed the website to follow the branded image that was well known in the community. We made it so that student registration was priority. Then once the client approved the work we coded it for WordPress with a highly customized registration system.

The Result
The client was very happy and was able to have a streamlined registration system making their processes much more efficient. And we supported them all through the switch to the new system.

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