Our Amazing Work
Our services run deep and are backed by over ten years of experience.

Real Estate Brand Package

Craig and Molly had begun an upstart real estate investment company that needed both a name and a brand package. We went through a naming process that began with defining their brand.

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Trucking Website Design

CWS contacted IFBDesign with a problem. They needed an application process that truckers on the road could access while mobile in order to apply to work for CWS hauling freight. After some initial research, we discovered that their current website was not mobile friendly and very much in need of an upgrade. In order to get the best online form system that was also mobile friendly we determined it would be best to redesign their website for WordPress and create a custom form system to meet their needs.

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Wedding Design

This client came to IFBDesign and needed a invitational postcard that could be mailed to invite people to their wedding. And they wanted a unique wedding program. They had already taken some pre-wedding photography for us to work with. And the bride had selected her wedding colors. which were a light and bright blue hue and a salmon color.

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Driving School Website with Online Registration

This client was a well-known brand in the community as a driving school, but wanted a website that was up to date, mobile friendly, and included online student registration.

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Church Branding

As North Love Baptist Church approached its 50th Anniversary it became apparent that they needed a new brand. Combined with several projects this new brand and push was needed to help propel the church into a new direction for the next 50 years.

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Non Profit Web Redesign

The Reformers Unanimous Addiction Ministry had recently rebranded themselves to RU Recovery Ministries. With this rebranding came a new logo, and colors. This made their website out of date with their new branding. They also were having website problems that were related to the fact that they had too many websites and that the information was somewhat disorganized and hard to get to. On top of all that they were in need of a new shopping experience for their customers.

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Elwood Bible Baptist Church Rebranding

Elwood Bible Baptist Church approached IFBDesign with the desire for a new logo for their church. It was important to them to help present their church as fresh and modern but with a conservative Christian foundation. This was a re-branding strategy to help the community to see EBBC as updated with the influence of a new pastor.

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Church Tract Design
Blessed Hope Baptist Church contacted us to created them a tract based on the Hope found in Christ. Not only did they want us to design this tract but they also requested that we take the lead on writing the content. So IFBDesign created a tract that represents the Christian’s perspective on the cares of this world. At the time of this tract design there was much in the news about the economy and the recession. We wanted to create a design that showed in a world full of bad news that there was hope.

Non-Profit WordPress Web Design
Access Women’s Health Center is a non-profit pregnancy crisis center. They contacted IFBDesign looking to create a better web presence for Access Women’s Center of Madison WI. And to create a website that is both attractive and functional.IFBDesign deployed the best in quality of the design of the colors, font choices, and images. We focused on the functionality to build this website into a resource for expectant mothers in the Madison WI area. And we built this site out on our favorite platform WordPress.

Talk Show Website Design

The client wanted a brand new website that would help propel his career as a late night talk show host. We determined to have the best control over the look and feel while also delivery the content management that the customer needed that a PSD design Coded to a WordPress website was needed.

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Flier Design
Taking this design we then created two newspaper ads that correlated the same style and colors to really carry the brand of Worship Tabernacle and this special service.

Historic Church Website Overhaul

We received a contact form from the historic Bow Baptist Church looking to do a re-design of their church website. They discovered us searching for a design company that also had a heart for helping non-profit organizations, and because of our knowledge and skill in the area of church website design they contracted us to do a complete overhaul of their website.

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Poster Design
We created these posters for upcoming events for North Love Baptist Church. A Campout, and Cookout for men and their son’s. Wanting to make these very authentic feeling we created the vector graphics from scratch, handmade.

Church Graphic Design
One of the best church brochures we have ever done was for First Christian Church of Dallas City, IL. Designed to represent an emphasis of the family and to have a rustic look for this church that was over 100 years old. This design of their logo and look encapsulated in this brochure was carried over into their business cards, websites, and many other projects we have done for them.

Business Brand Developmet
A Complete Branding package done for Central Illinois Steak. We took and implemented this brand design across many designs.

Just for Fun
This was a design done by our team simply to demonstrate our passion. This poster hangs on the walls of the IFBDesign office.

Church Invitational Card Design

Pastor Joemel contacted IFBDesign way back in 2012 with a desire to reach his community more effectively with a piece of quality design work. The main items he wanted to communicate was the contact information of the church and the gospel message, but he wanted this on a small easy to carry card. The card needed to feel valuable, and he felt some quality design work would help with that.

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